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The only oven with
the disappearing
door now
Cleans Itself

Which is the right oven for you?

Neff Slide & Hide®
Pyrolytic Oven

The only oven with the disappearing door now cleans itself too. We have a range of Pyrolytic ovens in our collection featuring a host of features to suit your cooking needs and kitchen design.

£500 cashback

Slide & Hide® Pyrolytic
Ovens with VarioSteam®

Our VarioSteam® feature gives dishes just the right amount of moisture, for baking, roasting or just heating up. Food comes out perfectly succulent and tender, with a more intense flavour and an appetising appearance. While you cook, you can get closer to your creations thanks to our Slide&Hide® oven door, which smoothly tucks beneath the oven. And once your meal is cooked, the Pyrolytic function blasts spillages at a high temperature to be wiped away.

£500 cashback

Other features in the Neff range that make cooking a pleasure.

With CircoTherm® you can cook, roast and bake completely different dishes on different levels in the oven, with no intermingling of flavours. Each dish will come out tasting and smelling like it’s supposed to, whether that’s roast beef or raspberry muffins.

There’ll be no more balancing acts with our ComfortFlex Rails, which slide out to give you comfortable, safe and flexible access to your cooking. Simply grip the tray or dish from the side for more safety when lifting out hot dishes from the oven.

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